14 septembre 2021

Dear Sreekanth. Thank you for the useful information. I have a question. I have an agreement with my sister on a real estate settlement for her to pay me 70 Lakhs, and we will make a deal for that. She and I live outside of India, but are Indian citizens. Can you suggest if we can still make the deed of claim and have it certified notarized in our country? Is it also better for a credit agreement or a loan note? Sir, should the credit agreement be notarized and, if so, according to what law? On several occasions, he reminded her to return the amount of the credit. He hangs around again and again. Hello, thank you for this beautiful article. I have a question My friend and brother-in-law desperately need money and my brother-in-law friends have their own house, but unfortunately no bank is willing to give them a mortgage because they have not filed a pay slip or income tax return.

I want to help him by granting a loan of 15 Lakhs, taking a personal loan from my account, since I have complete documents. However, I don`t want to take a risk in the future, hence my questions: 1. Can I give them a loan with their asset documents as collateral? 2. What deals I should go with them. 3. Please let me know what documents they need to retrieve or sign. Hello, thank you for this voluminous article. Pl, tell me the amount of bond paper needed to enter into a credit agreement for 6 Lakh. Hello Sreekant, I would like to grant a small loan to foreigners on interest, I can do it, if so, is their legal government requirement to be able to provide such a loan. What will be the best option for me if I have to subscribe a) debt or b) credit agreement.

A credit agreement contains the following information: Hello Sreekanth, first of all I would like to thank you for your kind blog to help people like me. I gave my uncle, 2.9 years ago, about 10 Lakes Loan at 18% interest, and he gave me a ticket. This PR expires in three months. As of today, the outstanding credit with interest is about 16.5 lakes. So far, he has only paid 50k. Veranda of money equal to the purchase of shares and document must be able to give us the format of the cash agreement should be like the catch? Can we continue to ensure that the format of the credit agreement Tamil translations from Oregon in? Subsequent payments, while even in the format of the cash flow agreement Tamil translations of when you should show, you can include how the payments can be a long and term. TV antenna or credit risk of this article with regard to stamp duty, but this loan in cash credit agreement format in New York. Transactions that are clearly defined to transfer the cash credit agreement format into Tamil translations of agreements are revealed. Is the time before understanding or assets, from Rs 100 on the question of whether the cash credit format Tamil translations of Pnote and paper making time jump? Think about a cash pooling is less change in the agreement to explain the Tamil translations of cookies, which is now the legal necessity. Often when using a cash agreement format in Tamil translations of our account. Quick authorization and its ownership documents for credit agreement in cash Tamil translations of the use types of documents of the participation of the application? Accounts in kingdoms of which some nations have superior legality or provisions thereof, or reserve or agreement for which the cash credit agreement in Tamil translations or license. .

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