17 septembre 2021

A confidentiality agreement (NDA), including a confidentiality agreement, a confidentiality agreement or a confidentiality agreement, is a synallagmatic law store that designates confidential information and by which the parties undertake to keep it secret, under penalty of violation of the agreement itself and the expiration of specific penalty clauses. In other cases, exchanges are bilateral and both parties disclose confidential information to each other, so both parties must communicate their non-disclosure obligation in the agreement. NDA literally means non-disclosure agreement, in Italian it is the confidentiality agreement. It is an act between individuals by which a party of the other party guarantees that it does not disclose to anyone certain confidential information that concerns it and of which it has become aware in one way or another because of a professional relationship, a project, a specific « purpose » between the parties concerned. This is a type of agreement very « cited » in the world of startups, which many consider as the system of « protection of ideas », when we go to investors, it is an industrial or commercial partner. In practice, it is little used in the startup sector, as an investor rarely agrees to sign an NDA. We will see why, but first of all also for the benefit of companies that go beyond the status of startup, better illustrate the theory about it: what consists in the NDA or confidentiality agreement, the characteristics, the possibilities of use, the information it protects, to whom it is useful, the consequences for those who violate it, the rules of reference and some examples. « The mechanisms of the financial ecosystem are based on the exchange of information, which serves to coagulate the interest, approval and money of investors for a project; and in an environment of few players with little money like the Italian system, you need to start startups by eliminating all restrictions on the dissemination of ideas, as an NDA can be. That they don`t work in Italy anyway, that the pros don`t sign them, and if they did, it should be a wake-up call for the entrepreneur, because an investor who signs it disqualifies himself, he too turns out to be an amateur in the rubble. The NDA is cited in Italian: confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement or agreement, confidentiality agreement or confidentiality agreement.

Here`s how it works and why no one wants to sign a Type 3 Privacy Agreement (NDA) for developers « Normally, signing an NDA may be required of startups if they need to share sensitive technology or business information with potential investors or potential industrial or business partners…

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