19 septembre 2021

Photo: Fair trade products must be properly labelled by a recognized licensing system such as the FAIRTRADE mark, licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation. Producers and producer groups spend this social premium to support socio-economic development in a variety of ways. A common way to spend the fair trade social premium is to privately invest in public goods that are lacking in infrastructure and government. These public goods include environmental initiatives, public schools and water projects. At some point, all producer groups will reinvest their social premium in their farms and farms. They buy capital, such as trucks and machinery, and education for their members, such as training in organic farming. Due to the similarity of the sentences, there is often confusion and misunderstanding about their meaning. In 2014, the fairtrade label was introduced to create new markets, first for cocoa, sugar and cotton producers. [79] It has the same round logo in addition to the word FAIRTRADE in black and under the program title in turquoise.

Consumers of fair trade products usually make the deliberate decision to buy fair trade products, based on attitude, moral norms, control of perceived behaviors and social norms. . . .

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