12 avril 2021

However, an EU diplomat warned that « these potential sectoral agreements would obviously not be completely independent of each other. EU officials have always insisted that such an ambitious and far-reaching agreement should be their objective. One of their main fears is that after Brexit, Britain could appear to be an easy regulatory competitor for the EU, which is why they did not traditionally want the UK to jail small sectoral and non-tariff trade deals before pledging not to deviate from EU rules and regulations. An EU official said the EU`s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, had taken up the idea of sectoral agreements for the first time in December, after technical experts said it was completely unrealistic to negotiate and ratify a comprehensive agreement on future relations before the end of the year. The salami tactic has been described as an emergency measure. At a first preparatory meeting on future relations, attended on Wednesday by EU-27 attachés, the Commission said it would clarify the structure of the future agreement at a special briefing on 21 January. 1) If you have a lease, act accordingly. Or file an application for deportation on the basis of the facts. Adv Dr Katta Vijayawada CLICK LIKE PRESS [THUMBS UP] button to appreciate my legal answer. For the EU, this means a potential Plan B of more sectoral agreements, as the British put in place the attractions of the negotiations that are progressing by gradually winning instead of waiting for a last-minute final. The question of the timing and scope of the UK-EU trade agreement is at the centre of concerns in Brussels, where it is necessary to decide whether the agreement is legally considered a « mixed » agreement. It`s very important for the calendar.

If it is declared `mixed`, it must be ratified by some 40 national and regional parliaments across the EU. This makes an 11-month timetable virtually impossible and greatly increases the prospect of resistance. The EU trade agreement with Canada, for example, was almost torpedoed in 2016 by opposition from the Belgian Walloon Parliament. Salami tactics, also known as salami-slice strategy or salami attacks,[1] is a process of divisive and conquering the process of threats and alliances that are used to overcome opposition. Thus, an aggressor can influence a landscape, typically political, little by little, and ultimately dominate. In this way, the opposition is eliminated « slice by slice » until it realizes, usually too late, that it has almost completely disappeared. In some cases, it includes the formation of several groups within the opposing political party, and then the dismantling of that party from within, without the « cut » sides protesting. Salami tactics will be most effective if the culprits keep their long-term motivations secret and maintain a cooperative and aid attitude while working to deal with the intent of progressive subversion.

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