12 avril 2021

Laundry offers our customers a professional pickup and delivery service and offers quality and comfort at an affordable price. Our services are subject to the following terms and conditions. Your use of linen, services (« Services ») means that you are bound by the conditions included. Please read the provisions carefully below and let us know if you have any questions. We can`t wait to do business with you! This agreement is exclusively between Clothesline Laundry, its customers and services provided by the contracted parties of Clothesline Laundry, and does not involve a relationship with other parties. Missing or damaged items must be reported to the laundry within 24 hours of returning your washed clothing. This report is presented support@laundrycare.biz and contains all the following information, unless it is considered to be contrary to the application: the order number; 3. 4) the name of the garment or item on the inventory sheet made available to the washing partner/provider; 5. 6. Approximate age of the article; 7.

8. Brief description of the condition of the object prior to the accident (does not apply to missing objects); 9. 10. A brief description of the condition of the object and the damage caused to the object after the damage (not applicable to missing objects); 11. 12. At least one photograph of the object showing the damage; and 13. 14. Obtain the purchase of the business or, if such a receipt is not reasonably available, other reasonable evidence attesting to the value of the case at the time of purchase. New commercial customers have an introductory period of 90 days and are not allowed to be billed monthly during this period. Invoices are processed according to the desired payment terms (on receipt, Net 5, Net 10). Weekly billing is available for customers who receive more than one service per week. Weekly invoices are processed on the first business day of the next service week.

All invoices must be paid within a maximum of 10 days from receipt (Net 10). Payments received for the net amount 10 may be accompanied by a delay of 1.5% of the bill amount. Bills that are pending for more than 20 days can cause operations to be interrupted. Commercial customers who are in good condition for more than 90 days are entitled to request a monthly count.

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