14 octobre 2021

If you would like to benefit from our private customer service, we are happy to sign an NDA before discussing your marriage proposal or plans. A common question is when a customer wants to refuse a model version, but it can go further to want a photographer to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You`re looking at a customer who wants their privacy by not posting their photos on the internet, and that can be fine. This would not necessarily be a secret, but more than likely a rejection of a model version. (See also: What happens if my customer doesn`t want to sign a model version?) Confidentiality usually takes the relationship with the client a little further and makes the whole relationship confidential. A few years ago, I met a casual client who was asking for a so-called NDA (None Disclosure Agreement). There were mostly people in public, footballers, actors and TV personalities. Apparently, they didn`t want to lose control of their wedding photos and find them plastered all over a wedding photographer`s site. Or worse, sold to one of the best red newspapers. It didn`t matter to me – attracting this kind of customer was a sign that I`m going somewhere – and I always calculated a healthy premium for the NDA. No matter what type of photo shoot you`re working on, JotForm PDF Editor is easily customizable to help you design perfect photo-client deals as sophisticated PDFs. Sketch out your terms and conditions, collect contact information, process secure payments through Square or PayPal, or even add legally binding email signatures. Treat yourself and your customer to a new level of security with our PDF template for photo customer contracts – and snap it! Or should I, as a photographer, sign a non-disclosure agreement? It depends on what your customer wants and what you feel comfortable with.

We offer a complete and confidential service that covers all aspects of the order, from the initial request to the printing and production of wedding albums. Non-disclosure agreements, also known as NDAs, are confidentiality agreements between two parties. This Agreement creates a relationship between the parties to protect confidential and proprietary information. If you want to own the original photo files, we are one of the few photographers who offer you the opportunity to get the RAW images of your wedding. .

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