15 avril 2021

A few years ago, my owner sold the building. The new landlord increased the rent by $150 a month, then charged us another $150 guarantee (we already paid the amount to our former landlord, but he wanted the extra $150. In other words, our rent was $700 a month, we had $700 for security, and when he increased the rent to $850, he wanted $850 security. I was later told that it was not legal… Investors often purchase rental properties with the intention of turning the units into condominiums. Your landlord must provide you with 180 days before the expiry of your rental intention and provide you with up-to-date information on the process in accordance with California tenant law. It must also offer you the first right to refuse to buy: in other words, it must be offered to you at fair market value before being sold to someone else. A tenant has up to 90 days to exercise this right as soon as the Ministry of Real Estate publishes its public report. Note that in San Francisco, where rent control applies, buildings with less than two or more than six rental units should not be converted into condominiums. Depends on your laws.

In some countries, it would not be illegal for a rental landlord to decide that he or she would change his mind about selling a property as long as he has followed legal procedures to terminate a lease with you. I am trying to sell my trailer where I live in a campervan park, and my park manager just refused permission for the park to a lady because she told the park manager when she asked that her son was working here to work on the house, and he told her that he had to be put on the lease, so she added that they had done background checks. both and found out that the sign had a crime seven years ago now he refused to get permission in my park and I can`t sell my house to them now my question is, I can fight this, because I think it`s wrong because the wires don`t even live there, why it should be on the lease check your state laws, but most likely your lease was transferred to a monthly lease after the end of the first year. You need to review your government laws to see how you can end a monthly lease in Wisconsin. According to Nolo, it looks like you`ll have to cancel 28 days to end a monthly rent. But you might be invited to give it the first of the month, your last day being 28 days later. www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/wisconsin-notice-requirements-terminate-month-month-tenancy.html It is also possible that you may break your lease in the case of leases on the owner`s side. However, before trying to search for a breach of contract, we recommend that you speak directly with your landlord.

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